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Write it Off! - Morning & evening pages

Often times a lot is going on in our lives and minds. Talking to friends and close ones helps, yet, sometimes it is not enough to release.

With the beginning of Covid I made writing morning pages a habit.

Every morning after brushing my teeth, I release my thoughts on paper.

Freely letting them flow through the pen out of my head. Thoughts, feelings, ideas, affirmations, events from the day before and the day ahead, things I remember from my dreams… until the page is full or until nothing comes out anymore.

Everything gets dumped on a page. Afterwards my mind is clear and I can start the new day.

At times I even write evening pages, too.

The evening pages help me to:

- let go of the day

- sort my thoughts & ideas

- calm my monkey mind

- find better & faster to sleep

At the end of each month, I read the pages again.

Reflecting on what was going on in my mind, for example worries about the future, and then checking what really happened. Oftentimes, the future turned out way better than my worries would make me believe.

Over the months I noticed:

- things I considered as big problems do not even play a role anymore

- my mind changed for the positive

- feelings come and go

- people sometimes, too

To let go of what I read on these pages, burn them. Everything what is on there is fully cleared.

The habit of morning pages really helped me to release stress that my mind was causing me.

How about you? When was the last time you took the time to write down what is on your mind? To dump your mind on one page?

Go for it: Write it off!

Make it a new habit ;-)

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