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Dreams are my reality...

What are your dreams telling you?

Are you paying attention to what your unconscious is up to in your sleep?

What do you remember when you wake up the next morning?

Do you write down what you dream about?

Or are dreams just our subconscious taking out the trash at night?

This week I head again an interesting dream experience that linked to a friend and a real situation my friend is in.

Wednesday morning I woke up and remembered a dream in which a friend of mine walked towards me. She looked tried, maybe even a little sad. I took her in my arms and gave her a big, strong and long heartfelt hug.

I decided to get in contact with her as we have not been for a while. Checking my phone I saw that she messaged me about something else, a minor thing...

Funny coincidence. I told her about my dream.

Her reply was a fairly long message. Thanking me for my message and my words and then sharing, that she feels it is a little scary.

She told me about a mental break down and that she is actually sort of getting stucked in her dreams, symptoms of PTSD, some other things and that overall she is having a hard time.

Her message concluded that on this morning for the first time she woke up feeling a little bit calmer.

She lives about 200km away and still something seemed to have connected us.


Yet, I had another dream situation a few years ago. I went through my morning notes and came across an older note where I had dreamed that another friend was pregnant. She actually wanted a baby, yet, the doctors told her that chances are close to zero... Therefore I did not give much about this dream or mentioned it to her.

This friend had given birth to her baby a few month ago. I sent her a picture of this note including the date. Her reply was a picture of an ultrasound, including the same date. It was the first ultrasound proofing that she really was pregnant.

In that case we also had not been in touch for a while and nonetheless, there was some connection.

Dreams might mean nothing and then again, they can be a good option to reach out to who ever showed up in your dream and check what is going on. Especially when you are not seeing each other frequently. Subconsciously you are still connected.

Make the connection conscious and real again.

Reach out to them, you never know what might be the reply...

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