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A friend send me this picture the other


It seems being like from another life... and then again it is only two years ago.

This VUKA world, the Ukraine war still going on, another war started with Israel and Palaästine.

There is so much fear, frustration, hate, so much uncertainty and people separating rather than uniting.

When I went to the Berlin central station two years ago, I did not know what to expected nor what would await me.

Six months later I had experienced 10.000 people arriving daily, chaos, tears, despair, fear, mismanagement from the government, lack of information, ever changing challenges, frost, heat, storms, ...

And I had experienced gratitude, cohesion, comradeship, support, smiles, hugs, love, appreciation, ...

The picture was taken while working in the refugee arrival center at Berlin Central. Basically a bit tent, nothing like the cozy comfortable office I am working in now.

When I looked at the picture I felt that I kind of looked happier and healthier than now. Although my work was much tougher and challenging, physically and mentally.

It reminds me of the importance of shared values and shared experiences. Within no time people from very different backgrounds with very different skills were united to trust each other and to work together as a team. A team to make a difference, to do something, to help and somehow make the suffering from all these arriving Ukrainian people a little better.

Appreciating each others effort each and every time we showed up together the team bonds got strong, turned into friendships and are lasting until today.

What still strikes me is that on the ground of such a bad thing like war so many good seeds where planted to grow into friendships, connections, projects, cooperations and so many interesting insides about myself.

One small example is the connection with the German red cross and an interview project with the volunteer helpers. The ripples of this are still moving on, as this affected other projects and this year will be presented on a big conference.

This entire experience is the perfect example of how you can thrive when you are out off the comfort zone... would I do it again? Absolutely yes!

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