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Bringing yoga into business

Updated: Feb 23

Bringing yoga into business sounds strange?

Not for me.

Moving from the center and building a good foundation is essential in both yoga and business.

In yoga practice asanas are basically organising movements from the center into a pose and then into a flow. To advance in your practice your first need to invest and build a good foundation. From there step by step you start to build up and go into more challenging poses...

Let's understand the business as a body, the team, the employees are the center of the body from which all the movements (operations) are starting.

I had the opportunity to guide the See Tickets GmbH team through a 3-day workshop,

which was an intense process.

Millions of Post-its were written to organise all of the confetti in our heads, making it visible, sharing it and eventually turning it into actionable ideas with clear ownerships.

All ideas were coming from the center, from the team members. We started with a value workshop to create a strong foundation from which we step by step advanced looking at processes, cross team collaboration (organising different movements into a flow) and then growth (advancing into more challenging poses).

For me one of the highlights was the value workshop, where we created our own team values.

The three values that we came up with are:

"Community - It's about people, not just tech."

"Commitment - Your actions speak louder than words. Be See-SMART!"

"Respect - Respect yourself, your work and your colleagues."

Working like this together we created a better understanding of each other’s daily tasks, improving collaboration across the entire team and management.

Teambuilding happened organically as a side effect and was fostered in the evening by cooking together and enjoying the team's new favourite game "Hitster."

And in case you are wondering about the cute little butt in the right bottom corner of

the picture... That is one of the few little impulses that I used to bring some fun, smiles and ease into the tough scheduled brainwork. Among other things there was a squaky toy, soap bubbles, memes and GIFs in the presentations and platters of sweets that would spark creativity like alphabet cookies, gummy bears, etc.

It was a great experience guiding off the mat and seeing the positive impact it had on the team.

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