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After Tour Blues

How we recover...

... and rewind with healthy habits.

We are here before the after tour blues hits you!

Readjusting post-tour back to routined "normal" life can be tough physically and mentally. We are dedicated to recreating healthy habits, being active and exchanging about feelings regularly helps to overcome the blues.

In regular onsite and online sessions we address any lingering physical or mental health issues. 

Group size: max. 10

The sample package above features a total of 32 hours over 4 weeks. 

Ideally this package is customized to your individual needs. We recommend increasing 1:1 sessions for mental fitness in case the tour blues hits you very hard.

Sample Package Price: € 4.650* 

*Travel to onsite visits not incl.

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Let's recover & rewind together!

Thanks for submitting!

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