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Writer's block - unrush

I have been silent on here for over a month. Why?

A writer's block. Caused by so much going on inside and outside my head. The new job I started is fun and challenging at the same time. A steep learning curve... a lot to process, too. On top I became part of a project with the German Red Cross interviewing people about their experiences being a spontaneous volunteer in the Ukraine crisis. And of course I am still teaching my in person yoga classes. Rushing, rushing, rushing, time was flying.

All I craved on my days off was to not be in front of a screen or to think too much, write, create concepts, etc. I needed to be outside, in my body, see my friends, and just go with the flow...

Writing or creating content for Habit Hut unfortunately was not part of the flow. I had planned and tried to sit down to move on here. But each time it felt forced, nothing came out and I procrastinated. It is just not the right time.

I had a good start here, I nourished it, but currently there is no extra energy for it. Many inspirations that I am collecting, yes. But productivity, no. Even thoughts about giving this project up again... yet, for giving it up I already invested too much time and love into it.

Habit Hut is still a dream, a vision I have. Good things take time I guess, therefore I first need to unrush a bit and then hopefully will have the right energy to move on with it.

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