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What is love? “Love, love is a verb. Love is a doing word”

What is love? A big question.

I like the idea of the trinity concept from the Ancient greeks: Agape - Philia - Eros.

Agape is the unconditional love, seeing the good in everyone and everything

Philia is the love you feel for friends and family. Friendship, community, loyalty…

Eros is the erotic, physical aspect of love. Sex, sensuality, intimacy, passion…

In the following blog posts I will have a closer look at each of these loves and which role they have in my life.

Overall I feel love is a term that is in certain ways used way too quick and way too often. In other ways it is probably not uttered and furthermore shown enough.

In Massive Attacks “Teardrop” it says love is a verb, love is a doing word. I agree with that. Acting in a loving way, loving yourself and others… Therefore it already must be multilayered, no?

Yet, most people project and expect love as a thing. As something you receive or give. As something that one person/ partner or sometimes more than one person has to fulfil. That is a lot of expectations and pressure.

With that three layered concept you can find love in so many more ways. You can take out the pressure. You can create, find and give so much more love. With a partner, with many partners and also without a partner. With a friend, a co-worker, a random stranger on the street... Love is what you do, how you act and interact, with everyone around you. No matter what your relationship is between you and someone else.

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