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Show Up! - Failing Forward

What Handstand Practice is teaching me about life in general.

Funky handstand, I know, but...

For me the practice actually taught me a lot on a meta level.

What is my motivation in the practice?

Is it the outcome that I want? A handstand.

Or is it being curious about what I can learn in the process to get there? - It reminds me of "failing forward".

The practice, the progress, the fallback, the easy wins, the failures, the try again - the balance. The habit to show up and not give up.

Show Up!

Keep trying!

Trust in you!

It is a bit like in life, no?

Overall not giving up, staying dedicated and also applauding me when it did not work, keep motivating myself.

Showing Up - for my practice, for my goals, for my path, me - and if things are out of balance - still keep on, recreating balance.

For me, focusing on the little progress is what counts to make a big change.

What challenge are you turning into a habit of showing up and failing forward?

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