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Healthier Work Habits: Water - Wiggle - Window

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

“What do you recommend for back pain at work? - Drinking a lot of water.”


Drink enough during your working time. Have a big glass or bottle of water next to you. It will help you to hydrate more regularly.

You are up to 60 - 70% water, so hydration is key for your body and mind to function well and stay healthy. Swimming out toxins, hydrating your cells and keeping your system active. Often the cause of your headaches or dry eyes is dehydration. So before taking a pill or eye drops, have a big glass of water first!


Move! Ideally after every hour at your workstation move for 5 minutes. Get up and

wiggle around, shake your arms and legs. Walk to the kitchen to get more water. If you are in the mood and have space, put your headphones in, turn your favourite tune on and dance it off. Regular movement breaks help you to let go of tension in your body and mind, help you to refocus and will boost your productivity and energy level.

Drinking a lot of water is great, too. As you will frequently need to go to the bathroom

and therefore move, which will release the tension in your body and therefore prevent

you from tension caused back pain.

Or take a walk to the window…


Ideally have your workstation facing towards the window. So when you look up from your screen you can shift your gaze as far as possible into the distance. Maybe you can even see some greenery outside. This will prevent you from “screen eyes” or eye strain, another cause of tension, back pain, etc.

No window nearby? Use your movement break to walk over to the nearest window. Open it, move, inhaling the fresh air and exhaling deeply.

Giving your eyes a break from the flickering screen, looking at something that is not moving in the distance, ideally about six meters or even further away, helps your eyes to recalibrate, refocus and relax. Plus looking at nature, ideally green, overall has a calming effect on your nervous system.

Just try it out. Invest 3-5 minutes out of every hour to increase your productivity, wellbeing and fitness.

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