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Moving Habits


"Swing it, shake it, move it, make it - who do you think you are?"

Spice Girls


Equipped with 200hrs Strala Yoga Leadership training with Tara Stiles, a 200hrs Hatha Vinyasa YTT with Santosha Yoga in Bali and a coaching certification I enjoy challenging the body and mind with my flow practice. You want to have a look? Find more below in my Instagram Feed.


My style has its base in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Yet, practicing with many different teachers and styles I enjoy adding different elements to it. Mobility, pilates or even martial arts - I love the exploration and the connection of different movement practices. Most of all connecting to myself on a physical level: What feels good? What does my body need today? What does my mind need today? How is my energy level? How far can I go?

And since movement habits always should be fun, too, I love to spice my classes up with playlists that carry you all the way through. Check them out on spotify.

In Berlin you can find my live classes at Yoga at Lobe Block:

Mon & Wed: 7:30 AM

Sat: 09:00 AM

Sun: 15:15 PM

The physical practice helps you to read the signals your body is sending you. Further more it is a door opener/ gateway to your mental fitness. As often physical symptoms are connected to what is going on inside of you. Learning to read your body will help you to understand your mind, too. On top it will be beneficial to process and release the emotions that are stored in your body.

My yoga journey started with a prescribed therapeutic back training because my back was not used to the stress of an office job. I was the youngest in a group among mainly people over 50, and they were beating me in some exercises, was very frustrating. The teacher encouraged me to join his yoga class, saying I might have a more positive experience there. And I did.

The main lesson he taught me "Everybody and every body is different. Every day is different. - as simple as that. There are asanas that are crazy easy for my body proportions. And there are asanas that my body is simply not made for… Accepting this and working with what I have is essential for me and for they way I am guiding my clients.

Ready to start your healthier habit? 

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