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Habit Hut

My name is Verena,

and I am your host. Habit Hut is your home to find healthier, happier habits in the jungle called life. Learn at Habit Hut how to include them into your every day. 

    Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

    Habit Hut

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    Moving Habits

     Connecting to yourself on a physical level. I guide you how to make your body strong & flexibel with softness and ease instead of rigidity and pain. A diverse and adaptable yoga based movement practice to suit and stick with your remote, nomad lifestyle.

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    Mindful Habits

    Connecting to yourself on a mental and emotional level. I guide you how to trust and strengthen your intuition. A flexible toolkit of habits to help you to improve your mental fitness and cope with the stress and challenges of your remote, nomad lifestyle.

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    Connecting with your team on a holistic level. I guide you & your team to incorporate movement & mindful habits at work. Sparking creativity, engagement & productivity.

    Creating a team culture around healthier, happier habits in person or remotely.

    Please contact me for individual team workshops!

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